PETRA AiR General Conditions

1. Program description.

First of all, Petra AiR is aiming to provide artists with time, space and freedom to work on their projects. It includes the inspirational atmosphere of the city of Kavala itself. It is still widely unknown among the western artists but some of them who have already been there want to spend in Kavala as much time as possible. Such are Portuguese poet Rui Coias, French-Bulgarian artist Mariangela Anastassova to name a few. There is no specific objective but one important aspect of Petra AiR program is drawing artists' attention to this area rich of multilayered cultural heritage dating back thousands of years BC. Nowadays, except of Thessaloniki, the area experiences a lack of cultural events. There are still some festivals like Papaioannou Music Festival and the Philippi Festival of Arts but the local community expects and deserves more intensive arts schedule. On the other hand, Kavala has a no bad infrastructure of arts education: a Music College (Mousiko scholio), two "conservatories" (music schools for everybody who wants to learn music) - one municipal and one private; a High school in Fine Arts (named after Pythagoras), galleries, etc. Attracting artists from abroad would be of mutual use for both the artists and local community. Petra AiR is looking for curious artists who want to broaden their horizons and preferably using old fashioned means: artists working with brushes and pencils; composers writing acoustic music; writers/poets; photographers… The residency helps visiting artists organize and partly funds short inspiring trips which cover an area crossing Greek-Bulgarian border. The ancient Philippi (12 km NW); Xanthi (40 km NE); Drama (35 km NW); off border: Zlatograd (112 km NE); Kovachevitsa (130 km NW); Melnik/Rozhen (160 km NW).


2. Working facilities.

one easel, digital piano, short inspiring trips on demand mentioned above.

3. Living facilities: 

fully equipped kitchen, a dining room and a sitting room on the first floor; one bedroom and a sitting room with a small vestibule on the upper floor. The latter two constitute the working area. 


4. Artist's responsibilities

The artist is responsible for their travel, food, visa and insurance.

5. The fee covers housing, supplies 

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